What are the Top Fintech Companies Using Cryptocurrency?

Top Fintech

Automation of financial services is making many sectors more efficient in their functions. Fintech is the technology that has paved the path to such a stable atmosphere in the management of transactions. Various aspects of businesses can be handled with ease using Fintech’s software applications on computers and smartphones. With cryptocurrency developing more popularity with time, the scope of Fintech is also broadening. Since the government and Fintech companies have plans to develop their own digital currencies, the applications are likely to have a better impact on the whole structure of it.

The businesses and consumers are provided financial services with the software and algorithms developed by the Fintech companies. Any company that integrates its technology with financial services is a part of Fintech, and they provide online services by creating a dedicated platform. These corporate bodies have incorporated the concept of cryptocurrency in their functions to enhance the system, and it has been working effectively. Here are some of the top Fintech companies utilizing cryptocurrency for an excellent performance.

1.      Stripe

Although there are several other popular companies like Paytm and PayPal using Fintech in their systems, Stripe holds the top position because they have been extensively relying on this technology of financial services to provide the best online payment processor. Credit card payments are allowed on this platform, and businesses and individuals can receive online payments too. Bitcoin is offered as a payment option of Stripe because it is the most popular cryptocurrency around the globe. Stripe has its applications operating in more than 25 countries.

2.      Quoine

Japan Financial Service Authority has approved licenses to the operation of several Fintech companies, but Quoine was the first one to receive this prestigious feat. This global platform facilitates the exchange and trade of cryptocurrency, and it has been offering these services with the support of the blockchain technology. A one-stop trading portal named Liquid was launched by Quoine to provide the users with a worldwide network that allows the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

3.      Circle

This peer-to-peer payment technology company aims at giving its users the right advice for making investments in cryptocurrencies. Transaction of digital money is allowed on Circle, and it offers payment options in Bitcoin and other major altcoins. Circle also launched a Stablecoin as a part of their wider application of the concept of cryptocurrency, making their business functions more efficient.

4.      Crypterium

Among all the Fintech companies that have been under the spotlight, Crypterium has gained the highest popularity for its payment options. It has now established a position in the industry as the most promising Fintech company, and a mobile application has been developed for the users to make payments easily. Instant transactions using cryptocurrency have been a dream the world has yearned to achieve, and Crypterium has made it possible with its new technology. These transactions can be completed using the QR codes or Near Field Communication on smartphones.

Many other companies such as Polymath, Kyber Network, Agri Digital, Blackmoon, Seba Crypto AG, and JPM have also been developing their Fintech industry standards.

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