Top Fintech Companies Utilizing Cryptocurrencies

Fintech Company

The main aim of introducing crypto currencies to the world is for security purposes. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are taking over the world with the use of blockchain technologies.

Nothing screams money more than the financial market that includes the fintech sector. Due to the impact of the technology their success in various fields, several fintech companies have implemented, and use of blockchain technologies in the companies.

In this article, we will list the top companies across the world that is utilizing Cryptocurrencies and the block chain technology.

It was developed by IBM with 12 major banks with the aim of creating global and simplified safe transaction environment for the banks, and enterprises. This company utilizes the Blockchain mechanism of IBM Platform and the Hyper ledger Fabric. It is fully engaged in 13, different countries since 2018 and now is currently used for over 400 companies across the world.


Due to their increasing popularity and services provided, they became the one of the top innovative fintech companies that were featured in Forbes 2019. They aim at making the P2P payment methods using technology which has led them to the success of developing a circle pay platform that is used to store, send and receive traditional currencies.


This company was also featured in the top innovative companies in 2019 Forbes edition in the fintech sector. This company has been operating since 2013 and has developed an application that helps users invest in stocks, Cryptocurrenies and stock funds. This company also allowed all the national and international users to buy Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Gogecoin and Ethereum classic.

The app gained so much popularity that right after its launch, it has 1 million users. Currently the company is used by 4 million investors from all over the world.


Alongside Circle and Robinhood, Veem is one of the most successful fintech companies in 2019 which uses blockchain technology to execute payments. This app also uses three ways to execute their transactions which involve treasury, SWIFT and the blockchain methods. They introduce services that go long side of the bank series, which out complicating the process of capital transaction. Clients can use these methods to make quick and easy transactions, and the best part is the client will never know if the blockchain technology was used for transaction. It is used in 98 different countries by over a million entrepreneurs.


It is an improved version of another platform called the Ripple. The developers’ of Ripple released the Stellar project. It makes use of cross-border money transfer in the form of currency. The transaction time required for this is just 2-3 seconds, which also makes a great way and tool for all the micro payments.


Like the name itself suggests, it is a Bitcoin payment serve that allows the entrepreneurs to accept Bitcoin payments from their customers. The aim of the company is to convert all payment methods to Bitcoin currency to live in a world that enables safer transaction of money.

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