Has Love Island’s Charlie Brake invested in Bitcoin?

Charlie Brake, one of London’s richest socialites, is well-known for his wealthy family name and matching bank account. With his grandfather as the founder of food catering company Brakes, Brake has been living off his family’s money and has been known to brag about luxurious ways of spending it. According to The Sun, Brake has taken a girl skiing on a second date and has a reputation for boasting about how much money he has. The rumours about the socialite’s bank account have been stirring and the gossip mill has been associating Brake’s wealth with Bitcoin investment. In this, we explore whether Charlie Brake has invested in Bitcoin or used cryptocurrency trading platforms to automatically trade Bitcoin.

What is Charlie Brake’s net worth?

While the Love Island star’s net worth or his family’s wealth is not publicly known, Brake has admitted that the family company was worth £400 million GBP (which translates to around $547 million USD). According to the Telegraph, however, the Brakes company was sold to Sysco Corporation from Bain Capital Private Equity for £2.2 billion GBP (which is closer to $3 billion USD).

This wealth is poised for investment possibilities but whether it goes towards Bitcoin or is spent is not confirmed or denied publically.

Has Charlie Brake bought Bitcoin?

According to our research, Charlie Brake has not admitted to investing in Bitcoin nor has he made use of any trading platforms to buy or sell any cryptocurrencies automatically. The rumours to suggest this are likely as a result of false celebrity endorsements used by media houses and affiliate agencies to entice users to their platforms or to drive traffic to their websites. Through clickbait headlines and relying on reputable names and celebrity figures, marketers try to persuade vulnerable investors to buy Bitcoin or invest in a market asset. It’s worth noting that the celebrities do not partake in these rumours and defamation is risked when their names are used as fact.

What Bitcoin platforms are associated with Charlie Brake?

Those media agencies and marketing platforms looking to profit from Brake’s name have spread rumours that he has invested in Bitcoin through specific trading platforms. These include Bitcoin Trader, an automated platform which trades for the user at a passive level.

What is Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader is a cryptocurrency-specific trading platform which helps new investors and fresh traders step into the world of Bitcoin without the need for trading experience. The platform uses smart algorithmic trading software to trade on behalf of the user and make profits using historic trends and data movements.

It’s worth noting that although the platform is designed to reap profit as much as possible, cryptocurrencies are inherently volatile and the market could turn for the worse at any point. As a result, Bitcoin Trader offers the unique feature of a demi account which encourages new investors to make effortless trades with small amounts before making the dive into cryptocurrency trading.

What to know about Bitcoin trading

Trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is an entire industry and there are expert guides and resources to help equip you in your first steps in trading. Some brief, but important, need-knows about cryptocurrency trading are:

  • Don’t fall prey to FOMO.
  • Make decisions based on what your trading strategy is, rather than buying or selling because you don’t want to “miss out”.
  • Do your own research. There are countless cryptocurrencies and numerous projects which might grab your attention but might end up losing you money down the line.
  • Consider “HODLing” onto your Bitcoin and don’t sell unless you need to.
  • Upskill your trading with smaller, riskier trades and keep your bigger trades for more logical decisions.

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