Has Dick Smith Invested in Bitcoin?

Dick Smith

Dick Smith is an Australian-born aviator, filmmaker, explorer, businessman and publisher. He is best known for his aviation exploits. In fact, he has claimed many world records, such as, First solo trans-Atlantic flight by helicopter (1982), First solo circumnavigation by helicopter (1983), First helicopter to the North Pole (1987), First circumnavigation landing at both poles (1989) and First non-stop balloon crossing of the Australian continent (1993), among others.

Dick Smith is also well-known for his remarkable entrepreneurial skills. He founded Dick Smith Electronics in 1968, which he then sold in 1982. However, by that time he was already a household name. In 1999 he founded a new company named Dick Smith Foods, where distributed products that were made in Australia, by Australian-owned companies and donated all of his profits to charity. We can safely say that Dick Smith has been very successful in all of his entrepreneurial and aviation ventures.

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What is Dick Smith’s Net Worth?

According to reports, Dick Smith has an estimated net worth of $60 million. Most of his wealth can be attributed to Dick Smith Foods, Dick Smith Electronics and the Australian Geographic. He founded a successful media production company Smith & Nasht in 2010. Dick Smith Electronics was sold to Woolworths in 1982 for $22million. It is clear that Smith’s wealth is derived from his long and successful career as an entrepreneur.

Has Dick Smith Decided to Invest a Portion of His Wealth into Bitcoin?

In recent months, there have been plenty of reports online claiming that Dick Smith is an avid Bitcoin supporter, enthusiasts and has considerable Bitcoin investments. We decided to do a thorough investigation of these claims and have found no evidence that suggests that Dick Smith has invested or endorsed Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies He has had a very successful career and owned highly profitable companies in Australia. So much so, that his estimated net worth is currently reported to be $60 million. Dick Smith has reportedly given over $6 million to over 400 causes and projects from Dick Smith Foods. This includes museums, fire brigades, hospitals, children, veterans and people with disabilities among others. We have found no factual evidence that suggests that Dick Smith owns Bitcoin.

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