Goldman Sachs director resigns following Dogecoin profit

dogecoin profit

One of the senior management executives at leading banking firm Goldman Sachs has allegedly resigned from his position at the company after making a massive profit from Dogecoin.

According to the Guardian, the Goldman Sachs former director and head of market sales, Aziz McMahon, left the investment bank after making millions from his Dogecoin investment. The full amount wasn’t specified, but sources cited offered that he made a fortune from the meme-based cryptocurrency With Doge’s massive gains over the past few months, the banker was able to net and left his position after 14 years working for the investment firm.

Dogecoin gains over 1000%

As noted by the Guardian, Dogecoin is looking at an impressive more than 1000% gain over the year.

While the meme crypto saw a minor 30% dip after Elon Musk’s appearance on Saturday Night Live, Dogecoin is still looking at a massive gain over the past month. As it stands, Dogecoin is looking at a price tag of $0.50 USD – a value recently hit as an all-time high. Recently, it’s been gaining attention and investor interest as the “Doge Army” continues to promote the token – whether in jest or not is still to be seen. Those advocating the token include Musk, Snoop Dogg and Mark Cuban. From this, the cryptocurrency has been beating Bitcoin in search-related queries as more people are researching the meme token rather than the leading cryptocurrency in the market.

The crypto market at a snapshot

At the moment, the market overall is showing healthy signs of green with Bitcoin sitting at a modest 1.86% increase in daily trading, looking at a value of just over $56,440 USD. Ethereum, the leading altcoin is looking at a more substantial 7.67% to a price of $4,275 USD – after recently breaking its all-time record. Bitcoin Cash and EOS are also netting gains of 8.58% and 24% respective increases in daily trading.


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