Fintech and the Future of Cryptocurrency

Future of Cryptocurrency

It is no-brainer that the internet has been around for ages now and the differences between the early internet and the use of technology is far different from what we’re using today. The early internet era dealt with some intangibles where you sent and received emails, distributed articles that corresponded to forums.

However, the modern internet is far from that and deals with assets and the valuables that are meant to be protected. This information is protected and connected through the blockchain or otherwise called the ledger. This type of technology not only protects your business secrets, and sanity, but also simplifies all your affairs and quickens the tasks and processed.

One of the very famous assets in today’s world is money and since we’re on the topic of crypto, it also falls under the umbrella of assets. Crypto is nothing but money in a digital form which is encoded by 16 strings for security purposes. Although Bitcoin is the widely used form of cryptocurrency, there exist other kinds also like Litecoin, Dogecoin and many others.

Working of Crypto

Like mentioned above, the use of crypto Is mainly for security purposes and to protect the identity of a person. This is done by storing it in a vast ledger available in the digital form that is maintained by a technology called the blockchain technology. All transactions in this technology are in the form of “blocks.” It enters into a peer- to –peer computer network for security and validation.

The prices of transaction prevent people from stealing money and also prevent an individual from double-spending, since the same currency cannot be used for double transaction. This processes is called mining that are generates more Cryptocurrencies.

The process of mining

Mining is the process that helps in keeping the Bitcoin community secure and keep a steady inflow of Cryptocurrencies. The technology does this by adding new blocks to the already existing chain to keep them in the Que. Every time a transaction takes place, the blocks are chopped off by decoding the security codes, and the bitcoins are free from the code that are passed on or are exchanged. The people who aid in maintaining the tasks are called miner s and can generate band new bitcoins by using a new software technology which involves a software to solve all the cryptographic problems.

The future of crypto and fintech

Like we already mentioned above, it sis decentralized way to carry it transactions and it is going to change our lives for good. It can range from a variety of things like managing assesses to business and their transactions. It also changes the way people manage finances regarding technology — fintech, which includes crowdfunding, mobile payments, fraud detection and operations, the use of Artificial Intelligence for fintech, medical insurance and many more.

The idea of implementing crypto currencies is changing the banking and the financial world as well, but the complete implementation of the same is not far from being a reality.

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