Did Lena Meyer endorse Bitcoin Era?

The famous German singer Songwriter has been partied to rumours stating that she has endorsed Bitcoin Era. Bitcoin Era is one of the newer, high tech Bitcoin trading platforms on the market. The platform has been endorsed and reviewed by many.

But has this German celebrity actually endorsed the product? Or is this just another media scheme used by scam artists? 

In this review, we are going to find out if Lena Meyer endorsed Bitcoin Era.

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Who is Lena Meyer?

Lena Meyer is a German Signer Songwriter known for her music in Germany. She has Platinum Albums under her belt as well as many singles reaching the top of the German Speaking charts across Europe. 

Besides her albums, Lena Meyer is well known for her victory at the Eurovision Contest 2010 in Oslo where she was representing Germany. She won the competition with her song satellite, which later became a platinum-selling single. 

Lena has also joined The Voice Kids TV show as a coach for five seasons. She has also been an expert panel member for the ESC on several occasions. 

Apart from music she has played voice roles in a number of audiobooks and been a brand ambassador for L’Oreal. 

This Celebrity is well known across Europe and the world.

What is Lena Meyers Networth?

The 29-year-old singer-songwriter has built up some wealth in her works. According to the online reports we found, her net worth is approximately $5 Million. 

This money has come from her career and works in the music, TV and media industry. 

With this sort of wealth and the fact that she has worked with endorsement deals before, it is understandable that people are questioning these rumours. 

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What is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is one of the latest trading platforms to hit the market. The platform is unique adding in many features that have not been seen on competing platforms. 

Some of the features on Bitcoin Era include automated trading, trading limits, stop losses and custom reporting. 

Some studies have shown that using Bitcoin Era’s automated trading system can help traders achieve a win rate of more than 60%. But this does vary from trader to trader. 

The platform only uses registered brokers showing their legitimacy and commitment to keeping their users safe.

The Verdict: Did Lena Meyer endorse Bitcoin Era?

With this celebrity being so famous, it did not take us long to find the answer. The truth is she has not endorsed Bitcoin Era or even invested in Bitcoin. There are many fake interviews and Social Media Ads that are being shown by scammers to try bait in her fans. 

The celebrity has stated that she does not endorse or use these products and is working towards taking these fake ads down. 

It is vital to do your research on what rumours are true and which ones are not. 

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