Did Dragons Den Feature Bitcoin in an Episode?




The famous UK TV show featuring the five Dragons who invest in the latest and greatest inventions has been subject to rumours of investing in Bitcoin. These rumours have suggested that the show featured Bitcoin investors in one of its episodes. Apparently, the cryptocurrency was discussed and invested in according to the rumours. 

It is not surprising that Dragons Den is part of these rumours as the successful business show is held in high regard. 

What is Dragons Den?

Dragons Den is a television show based in the UK. The show has run for a number of seasons and has featured an array of celebrity business people. The show is presented by Evan Davis who introduces new contestants each week. These contestants pitch ideas for funding of their ventures in return for a percentage of equity. 

This allows hopefully entrepreneurs to pitch to these seasoned professionals in hopes of securing the capital and expertise they need to grow their businesses. 

The Entrepreneurs have to specify how much they are looking for and for what percentage. The rules of the Den state they must leave the Den with at least what they asked for, or they leave with nothing.

Some of the Dragons that have featured on the show:

  • Peter Jones- British Entrepreneur and Businessman
  • Theo Paphitis- British Greek-Cypriot Retail Magnate
  • Deborah Meaden- British Businesswoman
  • Touker Suleyman- British-Turkish Cypriot fashion retail entrepreneur
  • Tej Lalvani- British businessman and the CEO of the UK’s largest vitamin company Vitabiotics
  • Sara Davies- British businesswoman, entrepreneur, and television personality
  • Duncan Bannatyne- Scottish entrepreneur, philanthropist and author
  • Rachel Elnaugh- British entrepreneur who founded the UK gift company Red Letter Days
  • Doug Richard- American entrepreneur
  • Simon Woodroffe- English motivational speaker and entrepreneur
  • Richard Farleigh- Australian private investor

Why is Bitcoin so popular?

Bitcoin has been viewed as the first Cryptocurrency to go viral and mainstream. Bitcoin can now be used to pay for items on many online stores and some offline stores too. There are even talks about you being able to buy your new Tesla with Bitcoin. 

The rise in the price of Bitcoin has caught a lot of attention from the media, with some of its early adopters going from broke to millionaires through the price spikes.

With a lot of new trading platforms coming out, there are many options for new investors making it easier to invest.

Did Dragons Den Feature Bitcoin?

We searched deep on the internet and Television but could not find any record of Dragons Den promoting or featuring Bitcoin. These rumours are often used by bloggers to gain popularity, and we can safely say that this rumours is unfounded. 

But we don’t know what the future holds, maybe Dragons Den will start investing in businesses using Bitcoin as the currency. But it is unlikely to happen very soon.

With Dragons Den not being part of the Bitcoin endorsement, it does not mean that you should avoid Bitcoin. There have been many studies showing the profitability of Bitcoin and with many great trading systems coming out, it is easier than ever to invest in the cryptocurrency market. 

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