Did Danilo Gentili invest in Bitcoin?

Danilo Gentili is a well known Brazilian comedian, writer, businessman, cartoonist and TV host. The celebrity is popular across Brazil where he is currently based. Recently it has been rumoured that the Brazilian Celebrity has in fact bought a large amount of Bitcoin. Some say it is a way of diversifying his investments. These rumours have been seen across a number of Social Media Platforms.


But are these rumours true or are they just another clickbait strategy used by scammers? Lets investigate to find the truth.

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Who is Danilo Gentili?

Danilo Gentili Jr. is a popular Brazilian comedian, writer, businessman, cartoonist and TV host. He gained popularity is the TV show Custe o Que Custar, which aired on Band Network. This show was the start of Danilo Gentili’s career and helped him secure the his next career move. 


He then went on to create and host his own late-night talk show on the Brand Network. The show was called Agora E Tarde and aired between 2011-2013. The show did then move away from Brand Network to SBT network with the talk show renamed The Noite com Danilo Gentili that aired from 2014 and is still airing today. The show airs 5 days a week at around midnight and includes many guest comedians and a house band as well. 

The comedian has used this exposure to feature in other TV shows, a few movies and launched his third book. 

What is Danilo Gentili’s Net Worth?

The 41 year old has achieved many successes over his career. From a popular late night TV show to three published books. This success in the TV and media industry has helped him grow a considerable net worth. 

It is estimated that the celebrity is worth $3 million as of 2020. This has been earned during his career.

Why invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has passed $61k in value, a value many thought the currency would ever reach. This is after it was worth only $11k in September of 2020. This rise in value has led to huge profits across the industry making the digital currencies more appealing investments. The liquidity and volatility are some of the other features that draw in new investors.

Bitcoin has been shown since it entered life in around 2009 to be a profitable and volatile investment. With its liquidity and ease of access, it is easy to get started in Bitcoin trading or investing using online platforms. 

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The Verdict: Did Danilo Gentili invest in Bitcoin?

We did some long and hard research to find a reputable source. We found that the rumours are certainly fake and have used recent events to make it seem like the celebrity had invested in Bitcoin. 

The truth is he has not endorsed or invested in Bitcoin. 

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