Claudio Miguel Pizzaro- Has the Peruvian Footballer Invested in Bitcoin?

Claudio Miguel Pizzaro

Claudio Miguel Pizzaro

Claudio Miguel Pizzaro Bosio is a Peruvian born, retired professional footballer. He was known for his position as striker and currently serves as an Ambassador for Bayern Munich Football club. He has captained the Peruvian national team too, where he was the fifth highest scorer. Claudio Miguel is considered to be the greatest exponent of Peruvian football in Europe and the most successful Latin American soccer player in Germany. 

He made his professional debut in 1996 with the Deportivo Pesquero club and in 1998 he joined the ranks of Alianza Lima, where he went on to win a Peruvian Primera Division.  He was then highlighted as the best player of the season. In 1999, he was signed by Werder Bremen and then in 2001 he was signed at the Bayern Munich Football club. Claudio is now a retired professional footballer with an estimated net worth of  $1 Million – $5 Million. 

Does the Peruvian footballer invest in Bitcoin?

Claudio Pizarro has been successful in Italy and Germany to the point where both countries have granted him nationality after his sterling football career in the ‘Old Continent’. Pizarro has accumulated a considerable amount of wealth. There have been rumors that his wealth is not only the fruit of his professional career but that he started investing in cryptocurrency early in his career, particularly bitcoin. We did the research and found that the sources were unreliable. Therefore, we can confirm that these rumors are false. 

Is Claudio Pizarro Related to Bitcoin Rush in Any Way?

There have been various rumours that Pizarro has invested in the new Bitcoin Rush trading technology. We have found no substantial evidence to suggest that this is through. Since there is no official announcement or evidence. We can confirm that this rumor is untrue. If you are interested in the Bitcoin Rush trading technology and how it works, you can visit our full Bitcoin Rush review for in-depth information. 

What is Bitcoin Rush?

Bitcoin Rush is one of the most sought-after trading technologies, currently on the market. The trading technology is designed to provide new and experienced users with profitable trading opportunities on the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin Rush works with superior programming that includes artificial intelligence and a very sophisticated algorithm. This programming is able to scan the markets in mere seconds to find profitable trading signals for the investor. This is completely automated, which means the technology works for you and requires minimal input. All you need to do is monitor your account for at least 20-minutes a day to make sure you are up to date with what is happening on the markets. 

Football Stars Who Have Endorsed Cryptocurrency

Lionel Messi 

In December 2017, Lionel Messi, the world-class footballer announced that he is the global brand ambassador for Sirin Labs- a Swiss based blockchain startup that is focused on becoming an industry leader in secure, open source consumer electronics. Sirin aims to bridge the gap between the mass market and blockchain economy. 

Luis Suarez 

Luis Suarez is a world-class footballer, currently playing for the Spanish club, Atlético Madrid. He is reportedly a part of the footballers who have partnered with crypto startups. In an Instagram post back in August 2017, he invited 30 million followers to predict the outcome of the US Open, on a Ethereum-based prediction market platform. 

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