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Did Amancio Ortega invest in Bitcoin?

The well recognized Spanish Billionaire was connected via rumours to the most current Bitcoin Price Spike. The rumours assert that Amancio Ortega has invested a sizable portion of his money into Bitcoin because of worries of profitability in the regional markets. 

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Has Cyril Ramaphosa Invested in Cryptocurrency?

Cyril Ramaphosa

There have been media reports indicating that Cyril Ramaphosa and Pravin Gordan have partnered to allocate funds to struggling South Africans in the form of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. We can confirm that these rumours are in fact false. Both Ramaphosa and Gordan have released statements stating that they have never partnered to distribute wealth in the form of any cryptocurrency to struggling South Africans.

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Does David Broncano Own Bitcoin?

Lately, there’ve been several rumours going around that he’s investing a significant amount of money from Bitcoin. Whenever the Bitcoin price keeps going higher and higher, it has been believed to be a fantastic investment. But many are wondering if that rumours is true?