Key Features

Pay or getting paid with BLU is easy and accessible to everyone!

Simply Innovative

By utilizing a PoS DWG algorithm Blue has engraved its commitment to a truly decentralized currency right into its source code.

Low Inflation

Blue will inflate at stable 5% per year, rewarding the coin holders who verify the network, while at the same time incentivizing spending!

Environmentally Sound

Our PoS algorithm allows anyone to be an ultra-efficient validating node.

Fast Transactions

Blue Transactions confirm in 30 seconds or less, with the PoS DGW algorithm providing state if the art double spend protection.

Why use BlueCoin?

BlueCoin is a peer-to-peer Proof of Stake Velocity digital currency with an initial Proof of Work mining distribution period lasting 50,000 Blocks. After the initial mining distribution period is over, the network will transition into an energy efficient Proof of Stake Velocity algorithm which will reward balance holders on the network a 5% staking annual interest.

  • Reliable and secure architecture
  • Built to scale for the future
  • Fast payment confirmation
  • Earn interest on your supply

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Getting Started

Simplest way to exchange money at very low cost and is a very secure and inexpensive way to handle payments.

Forum Discussions

Help the community to grow and keep yourself updated by following our updates through our forum discussion.

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Blue Bounties

To help with development we have assigned various bounties for users who want to help build out the BLU ecosystem.

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Community Support

Excellent community support is our goal. Please fill the form or send us an email and our Blue team will respond back to you right away!

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